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    quotes from Bob Proctor

    How to Program Your Subconscious

    You can’t do anything to do with the Law of Attraction well if your subconscious mind is not programmed properly Source
    the third eye

    Activate Your Third Eye For Intuition. Is This The Greatest CoverUp in History.

    Justin breaks down how to activate your pineal gland, which awakens your third eye and extra sensory super powers you never knew existed. In this new video Justin breaks down the GREATEST ...
    developing intuition

    Four Simple Steps to Develop The Greatest Power You Can Have

    By developing intuition, I gave myself a scary but awe-inspiring upper hand in life. When I started to investigate how to develop my intuition, I had no idea the wonderful and amazing ...

    Are You Making The Right Choices To Attract a Great Relationship?

    If you have been wanting a relationship but it hasn’t happened for you, take these steps in the article below. Do the work on yourself before you venture out for that blind date ...
    Life after Death

    New Theory by One of the Most Important Scientists Alive Today – We Do Not Die – Our Consciousness Moves On

    What a great exciting theory that our consciousness goes on after we die and, perhaps we are not dead, but alive in another universe. If our consciousness can never die, but just continue ...
    law of attraction

    Course Corrections in Life – How to Survive them

    It is never a nice feeling when something detrimental happens in your world.  This is sage wisdom in the article below and will help you to survive a course correction if it happens ...

    Karma. Is It Real?

    When people talk about Karma, they usually mean one of two things: What comes around goes around (i.e. if you hurt someone, something bad will happen to you.) If something bad happens ...
    raise your vibrations

    Raise Your Vibration in Minutes – It’s Easy

    You need to vibrate at a high level to be able to attract what you want into your life. These tips below will help you do just that. As you go through your day there are many things ...
    Are you just the tinest bit OCD

    Do You Think You Might Be Just The Tiniest Bit OCD?

    “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” - Albert Einstein Why could Albert be so happy with so little?  Because he was in the ...
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