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    Is Our Inner Being More Important?

    It’s important to know who we are and try to match up your inner being to your outer facade. Who is more important? The facade we project into the world, or the inner being that ...

    Manifesting Miracles

    We all feel we know how to manifest but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder every now and again about what the clear steps are. Even if you’re more than a dabbler in the ...
    play in life

    Playtime – It May Be The Key To Happiness

    When nothing seems to be working maybe it’s just time to take time and play.This can give you some much needed respite especially if you make your play in the fresh air. Being ...
    Control Your Life

    Do You Feel Like You Are Losing Control Of Your Life? Here Are 9 Tips To Take It Back Again

    Are you going down a dark road and can see no end in sight except a black hole? Here are 9 tips to rescue you before you fall any further. You need to employ two powerful skills that ...
    healthy happy and whole

    Make Your Body a Work Of Art

    Return each day to watch this life affirming video, inhale the affirmations and watch yourself become healthy and vibrant Source
    The Secret

    The Secret and Beyond with Bob Doyle

    Bob Doyle from The Secret responds to questions about that movie and puts things in a little bit better perspective. Source
    The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health

    Amazing Revelation! Think Your Way To Health

    If you can exist in the right harmonious and positive frame of mind your health can only improve and stay that way. Humans experience an array of emotions, anything from happiness, ...
    subconscious mind

    Beat Video On The Subconscious I’ve Seen. Get Your Subconscious Mind Onboard

    Your subconscious mind holds approximately 97% of the of your brain’s processing power and scientists will tell you that the power of the subconscious mind is perhaps a million ...
    Control Your Life

    Balance And Clear Your Chakras in Minutes With This Easy Process

    If you are being blocked from success it may be that your chakras are to blame. Below is the easy process to balance and clear your chakras. This will pave the way to clearing out any negative energy ...
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