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    Tapping For More Money

    Do you want more money? Then watch this short, easy video to show you how to tap for more money. Source

    This New Age Technique is so Powerful Even the American Psychiatric Association is using it

    It’s amazing to believe that a little tapping with the fingers on the face can relieve all sorts of physical symptoms and help people with emotional problems find some peace. ...

    If You Don’t Believe EFT Works Think Again

    Compelling testimonials from people who have recovered from previously incurable diseases

    Fun Video For $50,000

    Making Miracles Happen With Tapping

    Why EFT Works

    We here at ILoveAbundance are very keen on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as it is commonly called. In this Video Dawson Church explains the inner secret of why it works.

    Tapping Shortcut

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    Tapping for an amazing day

    Tapping For An Amazing Day

    Just a short video to set you up for an energetic and fulfilling day. Home Page I Love Abundance Source    
    Tapping for forgiveness

    Tapping To Forgive

    Are you having a hard time with the memory of something someone did to you and you just can’t forgive them? That person is probably totally oblivious to the hurt they caused you ...
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