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    Go Ahead And Open New Doors In Your Life

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    Improve the quality of your life in a way that gives you power. You have the opportunity to discover your abilities on how to respond to life. When you connect to your inner self  you have that wonderful feeling of being able to do it on your own and not be dependant on someone else. You have within you the tremendous power to make positive changes in your life.

    Here is a Heart Thought for you. May it guide and assist you today.

    I open new doors to Life.

    You are standing in the corridor of Life, and behind you so many doors have closed. Things you no longer do or say or think. Experiences you no longer have. Ahead of you is an unending corridor of doors—each one opening to a new experience. As you move forward, see yourself opening various doors on wonderful experiences that you would like to have. Trust that your inner guide is leading you and guiding you in ways that are best for you, and that your spiritual growth is continuously expanding. No matter which door opens or which door closes, you are always safe. You are eternal. You will go on forever from experience to experience.

    See yourself opening doors to joy, peace, healing, prosperity, and love. Doors to understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Doors to freedom. Doors to self-worth and self-esteem. Doors to self-love. It is all here before you. Which door will you open first? Remember, you are safe; it is only change.

    We have been going through doors since the moment we were born. That was a big door and a big change. We came to this planet to experience Life this particular time around. We chose our parents, and we have been through many doors since then. We came equipped with everything within us that we need in order to live this Life fully and richly. We have all the wisdom. We have all the knowledge. We have all the abilities and all the talents. We have all the love and all the emotions that we need. Life is here to support us and take care of us, and we need to know and trust that it is so. Doors are constantly closing and constantly opening, and if we stay centered in ourselves, then we are always safe no matter which doorway we pass through.

    Even when we pass through the last doorway on this planet, it is not the end. It is the beginning of another new adventure. It is all right to experience change. Today is a new day. We will have many wonderful new experiences. We are loved. We are safe. And so it is.


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    One Response to "Go Ahead And Open New Doors In Your Life"

    1. God is above all for me,my stronghold,my protector,most of all great healer
      so nothng to worry;live by faith.thank you God for my faith,strengthen it more for your honor and glory.previous doors are opportunities that to the unsuccessful,those were doors that missed by maybe because of negligence and unfavorable attitudes.to resent is useless but use it for new opportunities but the question:is the flesh willing..so,just pray and must trust in faith coupled with action as in James verses.all i can say:help me God in my undertakings and aspirations that are really needed to enjoy life and share blessings that God designed indicated in proverbs

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