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    Step # 4 – Make Sure You’re Running the Right Program.

    Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. We have a tendency to describe our desires

    in terms of what we don’t want. “I don’t like girls that are too tall”, “No fatties”, or “She can’t be an

    idiot.” We do this a lot more than we realize. But that’s like designing the program for the robotic

    dog and listing all the qualities you don’t want it to have. “When I tell it to jump, I don’t want it

    to roll over” would not be part of the design process. It could take years to list all the results you

    don’t want! We don’t do this when designing a program, a building or anything else. But we do it

    when we’re creating our reality. And then we wonder why we get so much of what we don’t want!

    Focus all of your energy on what you do want. Whatever frequency you transmit will be drawn

    to you, whether you like it or not. You might not feel good – your emotional feedback system will

    be screaming at you the whole time, but you can certainly attract all kinds of horror into your life.

    However, you can also choose to manifest what you actually do want. Remember that you can run

    more than one program at a time. Whichever one you give more attention to is the one that will

    show up in your reality. It’s up to you what you want to focus on.

     Step #5 – Receive Your Manifestation.

    Now that you’ve locked on to the frequency of what you want, it’s time for you to receive what

    you’re attracting. Pay attention to synchronicities or coincidences. You might notice a lot more

    attractive women than you did before. Women in general will be nicer to you. You’ll find it easier

    to talk to those women. The quality of the women in your life, even if they’re not there in a

    romantic way, will begin to rise.

    This is also the point at which you want to take action. Get out there more. The Universe will have

    a hard time bringing you together with your dream girl if all you do is sit at home. Sure, the pizza

    delivery girl could be the one, but why limit the distribution channels like that? Expect that you’ll

    meet that awesome woman and start to take action that aligns with that. If your intuition tells you

    to go and talk to a particular girl, do it. Notice that the action part comes last. You’re not going

    to bars in desperate search of love, while believing that you’re never going to find it. You have to

    get your mindset right first, and then take action from that place. When you take the time to fix

    your vibration first, the action part is less about “making it happen”, which is hard and frustrating,

    and all about giving the Universe more chances to bring your manifestation to you, which is much

    easier and more fun. Take it easy, don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do. If you’re

    terrified of talking to women, for example, practice making eye contact first. It’s all about taking

    baby steps and getting comfortable with each one before moving on.

    Pay attention to how your reality is changing and be open to it. This is the beginning of your

    program’s output – evidence of what you’re attracting. The more successfully you’re focusing on

    the frequency of what you really want, the better these manifestations will be. If there are any

    unwanted elements, you can still fine tune your input, make small adjustments. You might meet

    a woman who’s a little bit controlling, for example. Then you can focus on the fact that you want

    an easy going woman in your life. Add that to your visualization. As long as you keep focusing on

    that good-feeling frequency, and refrain from focusing on the bad feeling frequency, the energy

    of what you’re locked on to must come into your physical reality. That’s the Law of Attraction in



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