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    Want to be a better parent and keep your sanity?

  • When children are testing you to your limits with their behaviour you can very easily fall out of that positive space we need to be in for the Law of Attraction to work. Here's a way to use the Law of Attraction to guide you and your children to a better place.



     But we do have to remember that we are all born with our own wants and desires and that includes children.

    So when you are trying to give your child advice or scold them for doing something you feel that they weren’t supposed to do (even when it is true). They will fight against you because you are going against what they feel is true for them and that’s when it becomes a struggle.

    As protectors it is our job as parents to guide our children in the right direction to prepare them to become successful adults, but we must do this in a way that we are not suppressing their beliefs so that both parent and child get what they want.

    So, if you are experiencing a situation where your child is misbehaving. Whether it is not going to bed when you ask them to or staying out too late or whatever your issue may be. You must approach the situation in a new way.

    In order to use parenting with the law of attraction; before you talk to your child about anything that is bothering you, you must take a time out to get yourself into a good feeling place.

    A place where your spirits are up and you are feeling good, despite whatever the situation may be.

    You can achieve this by meditating, by listen to a motivational cd or talking to a good friend that gives great advice and have a knack for lifting your spirits. You must do whatever you have to do in order to get yourself into a better feeling place.

    Once you have achieved this; you will be able to successfully talk to your child about the subject that is bothering you.

    I know sometimes it is hard to take a break when a child is misbehaving right in front of you, but it only take a few seconds during the confrontation to close your eyes for a few seconds then pray that the conversation goes well and then continue talking to your child. It works; I have done it plenty of times.

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